About Fu Wai Hospital

Fu Wai Hospital, founded in 1956, is the largest and best Grade III Class A hospital devoted exclusively to cardiovascular diseases in China. It is also the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, China (NCCD) for patient care, education, research and prevention in cardiovascular diseases.

The institution employs 2,906 medical and supporting staff members, and owns 570,487 square foot facility, housing 11 research labsor centers, 23 administration offices, 37 wards, 19 operation rooms, 2 hybrid-operation rooms, 11 Cath Labs and 11 ICUs with total 962 beds, supervised by 18 Clinical Centers and 3 Management Committees of Cardiac Surgery, Cardiology and Imaging Diagnosis. The hospital has state-of-the-art medical instruments for accessory medical examination of cardiovascular diseases, for example, cardiac MRI scanner and 64-slice cardiac CT scanner.

The institution is one of the world's largest centers and also the top center nationwide for diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, in particular, all types of complex, rare or uncommon cardiovascular diseases. Our facility services over 590,000 outpatients and emergency patients, cares for more than 48,000 inpatients, performs about 12,027 open heart procedures and 12,277 cases of PCI in 2013. With the "Double Ten-thousand Cases Annually", Fu Wai Hospital is recognized as the unique one for such large volume procedures world-wide.

Our main technique index for the followings keeps us on the top nation-wide for cardiovascular disease treatment, for example, the operative mortality of GABG has been controlled less than 1% for 6 continuous years; and that of complexity exceeding Tetralogy of Fallot has been controlled around 2%. The five-year's survival rate of heart transplantation had reached 89%, and the index of PCI procedure maintains the leading worldwide.

The mortality for AMI, CABG and Acute Heart Failure and readmission rate within one month is the lowest; the ratiobetween procedure quality and patient payment for AMI and CABG is the best. These index shows our high quality medical care among the 18 Grade III Class A hospitals in Beijing in 2011. "China Best Hospitals and Specialties 2012" survey ranked Fu Wai Hospital as the first for its cardiovascular disease and cardiacsurgery in Specialties Ranking.

Several clinic centers of Fu Wai Hospital for cardiovascular disease are the top ones in China and the world.

Fu Wai Hospital is a central government owned public hospital, a not-for-profit organization, and housed in downtown Beijing, at 167 Beilishi Road, Xi Cheng District, Beijing.